Early 80 years, discovered the Polaroid, diverts the traditional development, crushed, baked, iradié the microwave, frozen ..." do it  yourself "approach, inspired by Punk. 

Continuous learning are black and white, in 1985 participated in an internship at the Rencontres d'Arles Photos with photographer Brian Griffin rock stars. 

Takes photos Press on behalf of everyday Dauhine Libéré, and Vaucluse Matin. 
Conducts press photos and portraits for regional groups ( Martin Dupont ,Masculin  Pluriel, Ultramarine, Khafka ...) 
Creation in the wake of record sleeves: Including the New Wave group Marseille : Martin Dupont  " sleep is a luxury"

Participates in the Galerie du Jour Agnes B .Paris : Expo "Des jeunes gens modernes" May / June 2008. Catalog of the exhibition Collective post punk cold wave and Culture novo "Des jeunes gens modernes" in France 1978/1983: Ed Naive 

Expose Marseille 2013 La Galerie du Large (les chercheurs du Midi) at the Side J1 Brian Griffin ( Mediterranée) : Collective exhibition "Landscapes" by Janvier for February 2013 

Expose Marseille 2013 La Galerie du Large (les chercheurs du M idi) to J1 Collective Expo "Features", February March 2013 

Expose INTAGRAM 2013 one year Marseille Capital , Docks de Marseille Collective  Exibition December 2013

First price winner International Photomed festival :Sanary S/Mer .France

 Photos de Martin Dupont  Book Le catalogue de l'exposition « Marseille, ville rock (1956- 1980)  robert Rossi ED Ville de Marseille  » Octobre 2022 ( Médiathèque Belsunce Marseille

Photos Ma rtin dupont /  Book Histoire du rock à Marseille (1980 /2019)Broché –ED le mot et le reste